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Category: Minor Emergencies

Can Anxiety Cause Breathing Problems?

Anxiety not only wreaks havoc on our mental state but can also manifest physically, significantly impacting our respiratory system.  This connection between mind and body

man holding his head from dizziness caused by sneezing from allergies

Can Allergies Cause Dizziness?

Seasonal allergies are notorious for their conventional symptoms like sneezing, itching, and nasal congestion.  However, less commonly known is the impact of allergies on causing

Can Dehydration Cause Chest Pain?

Can Dehydration Cause Chest Pain?

Irregularities in our hydration status may often lead to unexpected health issues. One unusual, but nonetheless concerning, symptom of severe dehydration can be chest pain. 

Why Do I Have Diarrhea Every Morning

Why Do I Have Diarrhea Every Morning?

Morning diarrhea is a condition disrupting countless people’s routines across the globe.  People suffering from this anomaly often find it confusing and distressing, while its

When To Go To ER For Fever

When To Go To ER For Fever?

Learn about the fever symptoms, factors that may trigger it, significant signs requiring medical intervention, and the right time to approach the ER.

Asian woman felt pain in her chest while sitting at work.

Can Bad Posture Cause Chest Pain?

Are you experiencing chest pain? Maybe it’s due to your bad posture! Discover the impact of poor posture on your health and explore its link to chest pain.

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